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Great hotels are created and led by great hoteliers who can develop great teams. Like engines, hotels are complex businesses, they rely on all the integral and interconnecting parts working all the time to build momentum and move forward. This can only be achieved when the hotel has a great team who have ownership and empathy with the business. This cannot be achieved without huge attention to detail in thinking through all the processes that make the hotel work and how they fit together. This is more than just intuitive, this is in developing a team culture, a culture where the individual staff members can build and innovate in delivering the highest standards of customer service.

A Proven Approach to Hotel Channel Distribution

A Proven Approach to Hotel Channel Distribution Finding the right balance between channels when developing or evaluating your distribution strategy is crucial to optimizing your funnel for new room reservations. ...
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The domestic travel lifeline and how to get onboard

Domestic travel is now open and a lifeline for the foreseeable future. The challenge is attracting this market, especially if not a traditional market for your business. 3 min read ...
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5 Things that you should be doing now to position your hotel for success after lockdown

Whether you have already opened your doors or waiting for lockdown restrictions to lift, there are a few things that should be done to set up your business for post-lockdown ...
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A, B, C’s of Revenue Management for independent hotels

Revenue Management is based on the idea of “willingness-to-pay”, selling the right room to the right customer at the right price and the right time, through the correct channel. It ...
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